Green loan

Environmentally friendly loan

Environmentally friendly loan

A green loan has been developed, among other things, to increase awareness of the environment and sustainability. Green borrowing has officially taken shape in the Green Projects Regulation of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment and has even been simplified in the last months of 2010.

How does a green loan work?

A green loan is of course very consciously taken out by the consumer. It is possible to borrow green for a maximum of ten years, whereby the exact loan amount will depend on the purpose of the investment. It is regular banks that finance green loans from the so-called green funds.

Tax benefit

If there are private individuals who invest the money in green funds in order to contribute to supporting the environment, a tax advantage can be taken advantage of. The government provides a tax benefit from the government as an incentive.

Limited number of projects

To date, there is still a limited number of projects for which a green loan can be applied for. The homeowner or housing association whose home is rented will also have to meet specific sustainability requirements in order to receive a green certificate from the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment.

To invest

To invest

Thanks to green loans, corporations can make an effort to save energy and sustainability. Indeed, it is made possible for them to borrow cheaply for old houses and for new-build houses. Furthermore, it can also be attractive to apply for a green loan for the re-use of office buildings.

Energy Investment allowance and green loan

With the help of a green loan it is made possible to invest in sustainable and energy-saving projects. In comparison with the Energy Investment Allowance, green money lending already benefits more from the benefit in advance.

Benefits green loan

The Energy Investment Allowance will only offer benefits after the relevant project has been completed. In that case, by using the deduction, the corporation will have to pay less corporation tax on the investment made with regard to energy-saving sustainable projects.

Borrowing green at Ruim

A green loan can be advantageously taken out with the lender Ruim, who was named the best lender in 2009 and 2010. The green loan is offered under the name Environment loan.

Competitive interest rate

The green loan from Ruim is offered with a competitive interest rate. This means that it is an advantageous loan.

Loan variants

Loan variants

Two different inexpensive green money loans are offered by the lender Ruim, namely the Environment loan Extra and the Environment loan Premium. The latter loan offers an advantage for roof insulation and for energy-saving floor insulation. The Extra variant again offers advantages if energy saving is chosen with regard to installing solar panels or a solar boiler.

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